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WHY DID ISLAM FAIL disastrously in these countries?

By Ahmed Simon

Islamic armies, at one time, stormed into so many countries, in a wide section of the world. So also, was Islam’s failure and demise in numerous countries, just as dramatically. Why did Islam get thrown out, so decisively and thoroughly from these countries?

First, “The proof in the pudding is in the eating,” so is the saying. When a good and true doctrine like Christianity comes along, it quickly finds its own way and spreads like wild fire. The birth of Christianity was not by force or by the sword; but in the truth and the love of God. Christians did not have to go around forcing non-believers, either to accept or have their heads chopped off their bodies. The Christian power/truth are in the One True God’s words.

Christianity is the answer, which even Allah admitted/confirmed as in the Quran in [Sura 10:95 – “And if though (Muhammad) art in doubt concerning that which we revealed unto thee, then question those (Christians) who read the scripture (Bible)(that was) before thee. Verily the truth from thy Lord hath come unto thee. So be not though of the waverers.”]

Since Allah CLAIMS to have given the Scriptures to the Jews and Christians; why did he not also give Muhammad these Scriptures? Why couldn’t Allah reproduce them for Muhammad – what happened to Allah’s powers? Why disregard Muhammad to go around asking for them by himself from the ordinary Christians? So even Allah’s prophet, Muhammad, was instructed to learn from ordinary Christians. This is a general (blanket) command referring to the whole Quran. Thus, it also confirms that Allah considers the Quran an unsatisfactory and inadequate scripture. So Allah expected Muhammad to find his answers from ordinary Christians. But, Muhammad failed, because the Christians hid the Bible from him, as confirmed in the Quran. This is a shameful admission, is it not, to use knowledge of God from the Bible, for the fabrication of the Quran in such a deceitful/false way?

When the Internet first emerged, there were nobody to point the sword or to force this down people’s throats or have their heads chopped off. The whole world was beating their way to the Americans on their own accord, to acquire the technology and knowledge of the Internet. And it spread fast, like Christianity did.

Thailand was never colonized by any foreign power, and yet Christianity took root and is spreading fast. Christians (4.2 million – ‘Christian Digest of Thailand’, though small in percentage, but huge in numbers, where 4 decades ago, there were less than half a million) Its significant and says a lot for a country like Thailand, because it was not coerced by political, military or any other ways except on its own merits.

The spread of Christianity into countries, in North America, South America, most of Africa, and Europe is academic.

The powerful Roman Emperors initially had their own Roman Gods and religion. So they terrorized and had Christians killed. They even made entertainment of Christians by feeding them to the lions in packed stadiums. All these threats/terrorism/deaths did not stop the wise from realizing the Truth and believed in Christ our Lord and Christianity grew and grew. Eventually, when the mighty Emperor Constantine found that most of his people were already Christians; he himself took interest and finally discarded his religion and believed and converted to Christianity. He then became the Christian pillar of strength, in Evangelizing, spreading the ‘Good News’, proselytizing, enacted laws to comply to Christianity, and sent his mother to build Christian places of worship in Israel – from enemy of Christianity to propagator of Christianity – just in a lifetime.

The question in the title above is obvious, and the answer within the question is also obvious that Islam failed in numerous countries. Unlike non-Muslim powers who basically went to other countries almost exclusively for trade (though in many cases, Christian clergy were brought along, basically for their ships’ crew and army, along their journeys, but also when arrived, some clergy did plant churches in the foreign lands), but Islamic countries spread their wings, almost exclusively for propagating Islam and established forcefully, by imposing the Islamic way of life in all these foreign lands they conquered. When captured, Muslims intentionally began converting other worshipping buildings into mosques or had them destroyed or buried with earth (see below). But, ended up in failed results in numerous countries. Never in this modern human history did one religious power get thrown out from so many countries, so decisively. Why did Islam fail to survive in these countries? In fact, in some of these countries the local people even went overboard, to the other extreme, to drive out the Muslims with a vengeance? Why did these one time Islamic countries despise Islam so much? What is so terrible with Islam? What made ordinary people revolt against Islamic rule and administration in such a thorough manner to completely eliminate Islam and Islamic power from their own countries?

Many Muslims believe that it is blasphemous to even touch a Bible. But when I show the verses in the Quran that Allah recognized the Injil and even asked Muhammad to learn from the Christians. If they say the Bible is changed now, I then ask them ‘what is changed’, ‘why did Allah not foresee this change, if he is a real God’, they get ‘tongue-tight’. So when I question them further on certain logical aspects of the Quran/Allah they give confused and contradictory answers, until they get ‘checkmated’ by themselves, with their own answers. Such is generally, the Islamic knowledge transmitted to most Muslims. The Islamic clergy’s agenda is obvious, to keep Muslims ignorant of Christianity, for fear that Muslims will apostate and give up Islam, if the truth of Christianity is known. In spite of this, millions of Muslims have given up Islam and became Christians, {mostly done secretly for fear of Muslim reprisals as specified in the Quran. So they are mostly invisible to the Muslims and Muslims are not fully aware of the massive extend of Muslims becoming Christians. This is happening all over the world, even in Islamic countries}

Many countries were ruled/governed by Muslim Military and Muslim administrations or were satellite states of Islamic empires at one time, from the 8th century to the 20th century. The conquering Muslim armies quickly subdued non-Muslim territories that were basically ill prepared for these invading forces; non-Muslims were subsequently forcefully subjugated, with Islamic rules and norms. Muslims ruled many countries with an inhuman ‘iron-fist’. Some countries were ruled for a 1,000 years of Islamic rule/Islamic way of life, and yet these people threw out Islam, thereafter. Does it not go to show that generally the Muslims in Islamic countries are held in Islam by force and without their free will? Non-Muslims sprouted up fighting back the Islamic powers for centuries, until they won in triumph and survived. Many Non-Muslims showed history that they would rather die than submit to Islam. These non-Muslims then took measures to redress the Islamic rule of centuries, and in some cases went to the other extreme by forcefully converting Muslims wholesale and/or driving them out forever. What made these countries loathe Islam so much?

In Indonesian History, during the Hindu and Buddhist empires of Srivijaya-Palembang, Sailendra, Majapahit, etc., trade flourished with China and India in a trade so rich, that Indonesia became world famous, being known as the ‘Golden Spice Islands’ and European traders {and later colonizers} flocked in for a share of its wealth. Today, in addition to spices, it is the largest oil and gas exporter, east of the Middle East. Indonesia is also one of the world’s largest exporter of Bauxite, gold, timber, copper, Rubber, Palm oil, tin, guano, iron ore, coal, silver, and a host of raw natural chemicals – mines are everywhere from east to west. Technically, by any reckoning, Indonesia should have continued to be one of the world’s richest countries; and yet since Islam, Indonesia became one of the poorest in the world, with Per capita GDP at US$2,685 {per capita GNP of US$617}. Today, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, {214 million}, the Islamic sultans and their Islamic administrations were overthrown and with complete independence in 1949 a civil administration and a secular Government was put in place by the Indonesians themselves, which also does not recognize or apply the Islamic Sharia Laws. Secular Indonesia has a long way to prosperity, and Islam is still holding Indonesia back in other ways. What is shocking is the Australian embassy/consulates’ total figures in Indonesia – every working day an average of 380 Indonesians apply for visas. Out of which, only 1,057 were approved for the whole of 2002; mostly for education and 7-14 day visas for business. The seas in between these two countries are one of the most protected areas in the world, to keep Illegals from Indonesia and other Muslim countries, sneaking into Australia. There is no excuse why Indonesians should flee Indonesia with one of the world’s richest natural wealth. But, in the Islamic context, it is obvious to the rational thinking person, the reason why; and this kind of illegal activities are happening the world over from Islamic countries. {In one incident in June 2002, 487 illegal immigrants - Indonesians, Arabs, Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis, on a overloaded ship, sank 7 Km. off Flores Island and all died in this ill-fated venture, to illegally sneak into Australia in the darkness of the night. Such is the desperation of Muslims to flee Islamic societies. This is an Islamic paradox - Muslims generally claim Islamic rule to be very good, but at the same time flee from these very Islamic administrations and societies for the non-Islamic – shameless hypocrisy. By fleeing Islamic administrations and societies, Muslims themselves prove abundantly Islam is bad}

But, in the Islamic context also, to successfully nurture their next generation in Islam, will continue to keep Islamic societies in this state of regression, desperation and backwardness, leaving them far behind any other, of different faiths.

Around the 40 or so, Muslim majority countries today, almost all do not use the Islamic Sharia law – why is this so {even the very few which apply Sharia, had customized it (changed) to suit that particular Islamic sect, like the Wahabi and Shia Islamic sects}? If the Islamic Sharia laws are as good as the Muslims claim and rave about, then why are Islamic Countries not applying them? Furthermore, why are there four diverse and dissimilar Islamic Schools of thought for the Islamic Sharia Laws, anyway? For example, a minimum of 2 witnesses is required in the Sunni Islamic sect for a rapist to be convicted, whereas in the Shia Islamic sect, a minimum of 4 witnesses is required. No wonder the worldwide Islamic confusion.

In an overwhelming Muslim majority country, like Turkey; the local Muslim Turkish population led by Kemal Ataturk, in 1924, overthrew the Islamic system of Government Administration and way of life; and completely abolished the Islamic caliphate hierarchy system of Turkey; and instead, established a Non-Muslim democratic republic with civil authority and laws for Turkey. The chief Mufti cursed Ataturk and said Allah will bring his fury on him. Kemal Ataturk, calmly pulled the rope and hung him in public and said, “I couldn’t care less”. Then others were hung, too. Thereafter, Islam had no say of any kind in Turkey. The question many would ask is; why did such a country with almost 90% Muslim population, with a tradition of more than 1,200 years of Islam, overthrow and discard an Islamic system of administration and laws for a non-Islamic system? This is, in spite of Turkey being one of the earliest countries, to embrace Islam, and yet Muslims themselves discarded Islam. Even in an Islamic majority (90%) country, Allah/Muhammad’s Islamic administration and Sharia laws, were discarded.

Iran’s greatest days in history were generally before the arrival of Islam and later, during the Shah of Iran’s rule. Iran’s school history books mostly herald the greatness of Iran’s (Persia’s) pre-Islamic periods.

Before Ayatollah Khomeini declared Iran an Islamic republic in late 1979, the Iranian currency was worth/exchanged 75 Rials to US$1. Today, the exchange rate fluctuates at Rials per US dollar - 6,907 (2002), 8,193.9 (2003), 8,614 (2004), 9,040.26 (2005), an obvious continuing decline in the Islamic Republic’s currency; and the bottom is nowhere in sight. But these are the official exchange rates only, and in reality, no overseas banks accept (will even touch) the Rial currency due to its unpredictability and instability. The Black-market rate stands at around 25,000 Rials to a US$1. Iran has a unicameral Islamic governing Assembly or Majles-e-Shura-ye-Eslami, and an estimated 18 to 20 million Iranians fled (emigrated legally and illegally) out of the country, since the establishment of the Islamic republic of Iran.

The Question in non-Muslim lips are, ‘Why do Muslims risk their lives to flee Islamic societies, which they claim is wonderful and also which they created and established themselves’ – ‘Why do Muslims condemn and criticise non-Muslims and their countries/religions and their way of life, and yet, risk their lives to come to these very non-Muslim societies? By this, don’t some Muslims have a shameless and perverted sense of hypocritical logic? And mind you, they come knowing very well that generally, non-Muslims are of the opinion that Islam is absolute evil.

{Most of the statistics/information given below are from the REUTERS publication of 3/2/06, EU, Britannica Encyclopeadia, historical records and from individual embassies/websites. Muslims will definitely try to discredit some of the figures I quote. But the minor differences inherent from the mentioned sources, are not going to change the overall position, of these countries and the general facts remain}

Philippines – When the Spanish arrived, Philippines was a majority Muslim country, and Islam was well entrenched, and was ruled by various Sultans, from the extreme south, right up to the lower half of the extreme northern Luzon Island {about 5 to 15 degrees north} Villages and towns were governed by Muslim datos {Islamic village/town headmen} Islam, covered 76% of Philippines. The sultan of Sulu was the most famous and powerful of these Sultans. Today, 94% (of the 77 million) of the Philippines are Christian with a small dwindling Muslim population of 4.8% and fast disappearing. In 2002, professional ‘think-tanks’ of the Government, estimated/forecast, that by the year 2020 the Muslim population would dwindle to less than 1%, due to the fast pace of conversions to Christianity. Why did Islam completely fail here?

Israel – {I will not delve in details, but just state my point, because Israel or parts of Israel were captured and recaptured by so many nations – at least 11 times - Some parts of Israel were always changing hands} Israel was the most important place of victory for the Muslims - religion wise. Muhammad, most of his later life, tried very hard to be accepted by the Jews, but each and every time, he was rejected as an Arabic savage. Israel was conquered by the Persians, Arabs and Turks, and held it for hundreds of years, and was fought over many times by others as well. Muslims, who are in Israel today are later Arab immigrants who falsely call themselves Palestinians {The true Palestinians (philistines), before the Roman times, were people who came from around the Aegean Sea (present day Greece and out-lying Islands, like Crete), who were basically Europeans and never had any Arab blood. In other words, the original Palestinians were never Arabs. The Roman conquerors named the whole area of Jordan, the West Bank and Israel as Palestine, to deface any semblance of the Jews/Jewishness. The present day Arabs falsely highjacked the name, Palestine/Palestinians for themselves – Just like the name Allah from Hinduism}. Muslim invaders destroyed and buried entire cities to obliterate any signs of non-Muslim worship, wherever they could. One of the many examples, archeological excavations uncovered, is the town of Acre. The unearthed original town, sitting buried right under the new town above. The Muslim invaders, literally, buried the whole town, with houses, synagogues, churches, chapels, etc, complete with furniture, cooking utensils, household effects, etc, and built their new Islamic town on top of the buried town. This has become a ‘must see’ tourist attraction for the world, the diabolic Islamic inhuman misdeed. Today, 100% of the Jews are non-Muslims. Why did the Jews so thoroughly reject Islam? Why did Islam fail so disastrously among the Jews?

India – The ‘Flowering age’ of the Hindu and Buddhist empires, came to an end slowly until they were completely devoured from the 8th century onwards by Islamic foreign powers. From the 8th century until the 18th century, the Turks, Afghans, Arabs and Mughals {all Muslim invaders} came one after another and held on to large parts of India for a 1,000 years. During this Islamic period, Hindu structures were forcefully destroyed or converted into Mosques and other Islamic structures. The World famous Taj Mahal is one such building, which was originally a Hindu Temple. What they could not destroy or utilize or convert, they buried with earth. Based on manuscripts and records available today of many Hindu structures, some Hindu structures were found to be destroyed and some buried underneath Islamic structures. One Important Hindu temple was the Ram {God} temple in Ayodhia. In 1992 Hindus destroyed the 16th century Babri Mosque situated on top of a hill. Archeological excavations of the ‘hill’ unearthed the buried Hindu Ram Temple beneath the destroyed Babri Mosque, almost completely intact but with mutilated Hindu statues and Hindu artifacts. The documented evidence, archeological reports and photographs produced in the civil High court of Lucknow, proved that the Muslims not only buried the Hindu temple in dirt creating an artificial hill, they also built their mosque on top of it. How vicious and evil can they be? This proved that Muslims, when they take power, they not only wantonly destroy and erase other religious places of worship, but they even bury what they could not destroy.

With the records of other structures available, the Indian Government issued a protective order to protect other mosques from being destroyed in a similar manner to expose the Hindu temples underneath {For more details see ‘the News around the Globe’ dated 15-3-06 in this website. Do you also think any Islamic country in this world will reciprocate and offer such protection for non-Islamic places of worship; and this is in spite of the Hindu temple being buried under the Mosque and many others converted to Mosques in India according to annals of Hindu documents}. The Muslims have no shame to ‘Squat’ on top of other religious buildings.

Among the many buildings, structures, non-Muslim places destroyed and for which records are available today, are the famous Buddhist city, 11 km north of the present city of Varanasi. This sprawling area of Lord Buddha’s one time place of worship/residence was a centre of Buddhist life, learning, meditation, retreat and worship. The Indian Buddhist Maharaja (Emperor) Asoka, built temples, monasteries, eateries, Stupas, Bathing areas, workshops, and so many other buildings, gardens, parks, etc, during his reign from around 265B.C. to 238 B.C. This whole area (about 4Km by 4Km) was wantonly destroyed right down to the ground and left to waste/ruins by the Muslim Mughal Dynasty. Practically nothing was left standing. It was a wanton desecration of non-Muslim religious buildings, prayer tablets, idols and artifacts. Today, with UN sponsorship, the Japanese Govt, Taiwan Buddhist Associations and the Indian government’s Heritage Department, have managed to piece together one Stupa and a few blocks, pillars and floors, so far. The work could take two or three decades according to UN experts, but unfortunately, many of the statues, stones, idols, etc have been wantonly mutilated so badly and some smashed to dust and lost forever. Today, it is a famous Tourist attraction, especially for visiting Buddhists from China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. Such is the vicious crimes of these Muslims.

In spite of such destructive, evil, disrespectful, wanton desecration, and sacrilegious actions of the Muslims; Hinduism triumphed in India eventually, and Islam failed to convert the majority of Hindus over the 1,000 years the Muslims were in power {i.e. about 70% of ‘British India’ (including Pakistan and Bangla Desh); and present day India (1.12 billion) triumphed with 83.5% Hindus against Islam’s 10.7%, (Christians, Buddhists, others 5.8%). These figures do not include the Hindus of Nepal, and the Buddhists of Bhutan but includes the Buddhists of Ladakh in the north of ‘Jammu And Kashmir’ State}. This is in spite of centuries of Islam and Islamic rule, and yet with such credible Hindu figures. Why did Islam fail so miserably in India? The former Deputy Prime Minister of India said in 1998, “We could not accept an evil hypothesis, which degrades human life to animal status. We treasure human life.”

{Note: Many people think of Kashmir as one state of India – Even the media say so. There is no such ‘state of Kashmir’ in existence, in the past or present. From the British period, 100s of years ago, this state was officially and always known as ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ State, ruled by a Maharaja (Emperor) with British protection, and was separately administered from ‘British India’. In 1947 the Maharaja was shocked when independent Pakistan invaded it and that prompted the Maharaja to take his state officially to join secular India. Today, Pakistan holds 1/3rd and India holds 2/3rd of Jammu and Kashmir State. The main town of Kashmir, Srinagar, was used by the British and still used by the present Indian state and central Governments only during the 6 months of summer and autumn (summer capital). Before 1990, with 600,000 Indian and 70,000 foreign tourists a year, the locals benefited from tourism, but with the Islamic militancy, no tourist come to the Kashmir valley part and the locals, (mainly Muslims) are driven to near starvation diets. In the winter and spring, (Srinagar is completely cut off from the rest of India because of the Himalayan snow except for two road tunnels), the state and Central administration was and still is in Jammu city for 6 months (winter capital), effectively making Srinagar, impractical, with the Himalayan weather. Jammu and Kashmir State is basically made up of 3 regions. The Buddhists, mainly inhabit Ladakh in the north. The south/west is the Kashmir valley, and mainly Muslims and the south/east is the Jammu region, centred in Jammu city, mainly Hindus. There is no single religion, which makes up the majority in the State of ‘Jammu and Kashmir’. What Pakistan is claiming is to carve out the Muslim part (Kashmir valley) out of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This cautions the outside world that if any part of any country is with a majority Muslim population, the Muslims will start demanding that territory carved out of the country, solely for them.}

Spain and Portugal – In 711 A.D. the Muslim Moors of North Africa, with a 12,000 strong army, invaded and captured Southern Spain. The ill prepared 3,000 Spanish troops under King Roderick were outnumbered and was easily defeated {Spanish troops who fell to the ground with injuries, were immediately beheaded, as they lay wounded on the ground}. In 714 the Muslim Moors attacked Leon and Galicia in the north and took it. By 715 A.D. the whole of the Iberian Peninsula {including Portugal} was taken over in a brutal and bloody annexation. Muslim administration was strictly imposed. Christian churches were converted to mosques and the Muslims began their Islamisation of Spain and Portugal, and went full-scale trying to convert the resistant Christians {Just like earlier in Syria, Churches were similarly converted to mosques and the famous Church of St. John the Baptist was converted by Caliph Al-Walid to the important Omayyad Mosque of Damascus, as it is called today – The Muslims have no shame to steal and use Christian churches as their mosques}. Various Caliphs of the Muslim Omayyad Dynasty ruled Islamic Spain and Portugal with an Islamic ‘iron fist’.

In 1027 to 1031, the Muslim Omayyad Dynasty slowly came to an end from internal in-fighting and the periodic Christian up-risings, weakening their rule. In 1031, the Arab Muslims from Morocco attacked the moors in southern Spain (Cordova) and defeated the remnants of the Omayyad splinter group and held only the southern enclave of Cordova till the 15 century, when they too were completely driven out of Spain {It was said that “Wine, women and song brought the death of Islam in Spain”}. So, from 711 A.D. to 1492, {for 781 years, between the Muslims stepping in and stepping out}, when the last Muslims, who held the Southern Cordova region, were driven out of Spain completely at last, Islam completely failed to survive.

The Britannica Encyclopeadia gave the official religious affiliations of Spain in 1960, as Roman Catholic – 31,200,000; Protestants – 43,000; Jewish – 5,000 {no mention of any Muslims in Spain}. But since the EU rules on asylum seekers, some Muslims have been let in and it stands at less than 0.4% and the Catholic Digest of Spain (2003) gave an average annual conversion rate of Muslims to Catholism at 10,630 {almost a 1,000 a month}

In Portugal the religious affiliation stated for 1990 is Roman Catholic 99.4% and others 0.6% {this ‘others’ could be entirely made up of Protestants} out of a total population of over 11 million. {As for the whole of the western European countries today, France at 5.98% is with Muslim residents; Germany at 2.89%; Britain at 1.48%; Italy at 1.37% are Muslims and the rest are, Switzerland at 0.23%, Belgium at 0.37%, Netherlands 0.87%, Denmark at 0.16%, Sweden at 0.28%, Finland 0.01% and Norway at 0.05%. The point I am making here is that with so few Muslims around; and yet they are responsible for so much destabilization, terrorism and dissatisfaction caused to the Majority population – think about it. Is it worth it?}. But since 9/11, 7/7, and the Madrid suicide bombings, this inflow of Muslims have been almost completely stopped by all EU countries, including the new EU members. In other words, the Muslim population in EU can only dwindle downwards with conversions. So the future could look brighter without many Muslims around.

{I have to admit, that on the flip side, during this Omayyad period of power, the knowledge the Arabs gained from their previous Indian empire, encompassing the Middle East, of the Candragupta Maharaja/s of India, who initially brought to the Middle East - Philosophy, Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy, Literature, the Indian numerals [Europeans, initially called the Indian numerals, Arab numerals, because the Europeans thought they were the inventions of the Arabs – see encyclopeadia], the Arts, science, etc. In addition to the stimulus the Arabs derived from the Hellenic contributions, Islamic culture was greatly enlightened by contacts with India. Indians, who introduced astronomical work “Sindhind” to the Arabs, also taught them symbols and numbers (present numbers I to 9 and Zero) and higher Mathematics such as Algebra, and the decimal system – Hindu knowledge had evolved from 1,500 B.C. – See the article ‘the invention of Islam’. This had a far-reaching impact on the Europeans as a whole. So as transmitters of knowledge, at least some good did come to Europe from this nearly eight centuries of Islamic occupation of Spain and Portugal.}

Bulgaria – By the end of the 14th century, the Muslim Turks of the Ottoman Empire took over Bulgaria. ‘Bulgarian Horrors’ – This notorious suppression of the Bulgarian up-rising for independence, was brutally put down by the Turks in 1876 and came to be known as the ‘Bulgarian Horrors’ where hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians were slaughtered. When Bulgarians were injured and fell to the ground, they were slaughtered like chickens. In 1908, the Bulgarians at last took control of Bulgaria. Today, Bulgaria with a total population of 7.45 million (2,005 est.) with some of the Turkish race, left behind, numbering about 9.4% and out of which less than 0.1% are actual practicing Muslims. This is because the half-century of communism in Bulgaria, made sure that no religion was practiced, mosques, churches, etc were converted into warehouses, workshops, etc and Islam soon faded away from memory. The Muslim Turks (Ottoman) controlled Bulgaria from about 1392 to 1908 {516 years}. For these 516 years, the result is a fast-dwindled Muslim population. Why is this so?

Romania – {aka Rumania} – Romania was part of the Ottoman Empire from about 1398 to 1878. Even during the Communist occupation, Christianity was so well entrenched that the Church was given due recognition. After about 480 years of Muslim occupation, the official statistics do not account for any Muslim statistics, as the population is almost entirely Christian (100%). Why did Islam completely fail and disappear in Romania?

Yugoslavia – {Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia - these are all independent countries now, which belonged to the former Yugoslavia at one time}. Some of these states were also part of the Ottoman Empire. Serbia fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1459 until a major part was taken back in 1557 and was ruled by the Serbian patriarchate, until the 1739 when the Turks were completely pushed out of Serbia. Montenegro, was frequently attacked by the Ottoman Empire’s forces, {but was never successful, each time, as it is said that the smaller number of people of Montenegro defended their territory against the mighty forces of the Ottoman Empire by carrying and applying pork lard on themselves and on their weapons against the larger Turkish forces – but I cannot verify this as a historical fact, but is commonly told for generations}. Bosnia Herzegovina was part of the Ottoman Empire from around 1463 to 1908. Macedonia was also part of the Ottoman Empire. The highest concentration of Muslims today are in Bosnia Herzegovina at 37% out of a total population of 4.025 million {but these Bulgarian speaking Muslims do not call themselves ‘Muslims’ but only as ‘Bosniaks’ and generally do not practice Islam – they are more ‘Europeanized’}, Serbia at less than 1.6% and Macedonia at 2.6% Muslims, shows the failure evidently. For the rest of the countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro) there are no Muslims significant enough, to publish their figures. Here too it is clear that Islam failed.

Hungary – Around the 1550s the Turks managed to take most of Hungary (Central and Southern regions) and incorporated it into the Ottoman Empire. From 1683-1699 the Muslims were slowly driven out of Hungary, After the Muslims occupied Hungary for nearly 150 years; there is no official statistics of any Muslim here {the ‘slate’ is clean}. Islam completely failed in Hungary too.

Lebanon – I included Lebanon, though the Muslim population is at present 59.2% and the Christian population at 40%; Islam is considered to have failed here. After the Byzantine period from the 1453 onwards, Lebanon was ruled by Muslims starting with the Ottoman empire, (except for a brief period of European colonizers). So for Hundreds of years Islam reigned supreme in Lebanon. The total population of 4.3 million in the 1970s was reduced to the present 3.8 million, with mainly an exodus of Christians emigrating to the West, due to the long drawn out civil war for two decades. So in actual fact, if these 500 thousand were taken into account, Islam has failed here too. The influx of the 395,000 Palestian refugees into Lebanon, driven out of Jordan by King Hussein, added to this imbalance, so in actual fact, nearly 900 thousand Lebanese have left the country, most of them, non-Muslims. So you can now see, that Islam failed here too.

Greece – Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1453 to 1829. Capturing Greece was a “pearl’ for the Ottoman Empire, because of its advanced culture, philosophy, literature, poetry, science, medicine, sports, etc. After 1929 independent Greece became stronger and recaptured many out-lying Islands; mostly Greek-speaking Islands and a few Turkish-speaking Islands from Turkey within 1 to 5 Km. from the Turkish mainland. Although Greece was under the control of the Muslims for 374 years, the present Muslim population of 1.3% says, Islam failed miserably in Greece too.

Thailand – Around 1750 A.D., about 19 provinces south of Bangkok were with a majority Muslim population (estimates rage anywhere from 8 to 14 million Muslims lived in these 19 provinces). There were powerful Islamic Sultanates who ruled in these territories at one time. The 2,000 census, show there are only 3 provinces tucked away in the extreme southern corner, with a Muslim Majority, in a country of 71.9 million, with 90.6% Buddhists in the total 76 provinces of Thailand. The official Muslim population of the whole of Thailand in 2,000 was 3.8 million and fading fast (less than the number of the growing (4.2 m) Christian population in 2,000). Projected figures show that even in these 3 provinces, Muslims will become a minority around 2015 at the going rate. Why is Islam failing so fast in Thailand?

Other countries or part of the country, which Islamic powers conquered and failed, were parts of France, Italy, etc, and were driven out. {Muslims who are residents/citizens in these countries today are those who were allowed in, in the last few decades, as asylum seekers, Illegal immigrants, etc. under EU rules}

The main reason for Islam’s failure in the above-mentioned countries; could surely be in their Quran. The Quran is a book of an imperfect scripture (with errors, contradictions, irrational assumptions, historical inaccuracies and absurdities, with only 114 chapters against the Bible’s 1,189 chapters). The chapters of the Quran are not arranged in importance, continuity, holiness, biography, chronology, significance or sequence of any sort, but are arranged simply by length - the longest chapter, followed by the next longest chapter and the last chapter with just 6 lines. Thus, the first half of the Quran accounts for only 20 chapters, and the second half accounts for 94 chapters (of total 114 chapters). There is no correlation between chapters. Verses are disorderly arranged and jumbled up in unrelated subjects/topics. The majority of the prophets mentioned in the Bible are not in the Quran (simply missing). The Total number of verses in a Quran can vary. In other words, all Qurans are not exactly the same. That is why different Islamic sects give different total number of Sura (verses), from 6,241 to 6,666 verses (Islamic websites quote different figures too – all these Quran figures could be correct, based on their own Islamic sect’s Quran).

Christians will be horrified to know that there is no prophecy, no chronology, no geography, no biography of anybody (not even Muhammad), no ministry, no history, no proverbs, no parables, no miracles, no psalms, no sequence of any sort in the Quran; and generally is just do’s and don’t, more or less similar to an instruction manual of a vacuum cleaner; and with punitive punishments, reprisals and rewards specified. In stark contrast, the Bible is the only religious scripture in this entire world (which contains everything the Quran does not have, as mentioned above) and which begins chronologically with the creation of the universe and the human race; and ends with the universe and the human race. No other religious Scripture, anywhere in this world, can categorically state such a Complete Testimony of the universe and the human race and that too in an accurate chronological setting from the beginning to the end. Therefore, in my opinion, the tremendous inadequacies of the Quran could possibly be one reason for their failure.

Another reason could be in the inhuman Quranic Doctrine. The Quran demands Muslims to kill non-Muslims “wherever you find them”. “Smite non-Muslims’ neck and fingers before killing them” (just for being non-believers of Islam, irrespective of race, language, creed, colour, and weather man, woman or child), “deceive and plot against non-Muslims”, “slay infidels (kill non-Muslims)”, “do not take orders from non-Muslims”, “Muslims are not to be friends of non-Muslims”; the list is long and could be found in the Article, “Is Islam Practical?” The Quran cannot possibly be from a ‘Real True God’ to any rationally thinking person; but surely a doctrine inspired by Satan?

Finally, is it not evident that roughly, more than a billion people around this world, having already experienced Islam/Allah/Muhammad, fought against it and discarded it for a good reason? Islam’s demise is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’, as the process of its demise started with the advent of the media, IT, etc, and got speeded up exponentially, after 9/11. (Also see article in this website, “Islam in fast Demise”)

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