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Many wonder why many Blacks in America join Islam. Well at first, they were told that Islam was the Black man's religion and that Christianity was a white's man's religion. This was done easily as the KKK was supposedly Christians but pure hate of the racist KKK and other supremist groups. The picture of Jesus was that of a white man and it was used to degrade Christianity. Although the Bible never said Jesus was a fair skinned man or a dark one, just that he was a Jew. Muhammad was a white man, but Blacks didn't know.

However, it turned out to be a cult of greed and racism no better than the KKK. Since during this time many Blacks were not educated and were so gullible, it was easy to impress them with hate of the Caucasian man.

Elijab Muhammad, a fair-skinned Black man was able to use his fair color to start what we now know as the Nation of Islam. During this time, fair skinned Blacks were able to advance much more than dark skinned ones, especially the men. Fair-skinned women were desired by the Black men, since the white women were out of their reach.

Blacks were told that God was a black man and that he was called Allah.

Allah was Wallace Fard, a white man who disappeared. Since Allah was a foreign idea and not easily proven at the time, this cult was very successful. They were able to attract many high profile men like the likes of Cassius Clay and Malcolm Little which gave them clout and a sense of power. After Malcolm X was assisinated they did they lose their grip on the Black community.

The immigration of the Muslims from the Arab world enmass to America presented another problem for the Black Muslims. The teachings were different! The son of the founder of the Nation of Islam decided to forsake the teaching, but one of its leaders, Louis Farrahkan decided to take up the banner of Elijah Muhammad's ideas and continue the message of animosity toward the powers to be in America.

Knowledge and education and the invention of the internet has opened up avenues unimaginable to many. The internet has caused the information given to Blacks to be discredited and it has opened up doors to the educational opportunities beyond the closed minds of religious con men around the world.

Arabs used Black Muslims when necessary and Black Muslims thought they had arrived because the Arabs had come to America to be with their African American brothers. They found out real fast that the Arabs didn't see themselves equal to African American Muslims, but superior because of the color of their skin and that they were the true Arabs. They had the real ISLAM and knew it. Apparently, the Blacks didn't read enough, as the Arabs knew that Muhammad the original prophet had called Africans, ugly, raisin head, pug nosed slaves. Arab Muslims knew from reading the hadiths, that Muhammad said Black women were a sign of a bad disease. Arab Muslims knew also that Allah said when he created Adam that he touched the right shoulder and the white man came out for Paradise, but when he touched the left shoulder the Black man came out for hell.

This was embarassing to the Blacks in Islam, and many left, but many stayed.

Today, many are using the jails to attract black men who feel disenfranchised. Many college professors have succumbed to the teachings of Islam, mainly as an ego booster, regardless of the lies and wrongs exposed about the radical Islamist teachings. Dressing like Arabs, even though Arab poets, such as Jarir made fun of African Muslims by calling them a donkey's penis wrapped in paper.

Most Blacks do not know the true nature of Islam. Since many were raised under Christianity, they think Islam is similar to the kindness espoused under Jesus message. Many have become radicalized and it is such a shame that Blacks have been destroyed by con men of many colors. Similar to the whites men of the KKK, Nazis and other hate groups who were radicalized to kill and hate others, the Blacks and Browns and even Whites from Europe have fallen victim to this evil mind set.

Christiandom has lost its way, as they try to interfaith with men determined to kill them. The Quran called them unbelievers and infidels and apes and pigs to their faces. Yet they are lied to by the Imans and Muslims as Islam allows lying to infidels. The God of the Bible is not the same God. If the two served the same God, why the hate of the Jews and Christians. The God of the Bible never said kill Muslims or Hindus. Jesus said preach the word and if we don't want the messgae walk away and shake the dust off the feet and move on. (Acts 20:20) The God of the Quran and Islam said kill us.
(Sura 9:5-29) (Sura 8:12)

The leaders of Black Islam never tell the converts that Africans and Arab Muslims sold tribalists to the Europeans. Black converts are never told that Arab Muslims castrated African boys at the age of 9-12 and made them fight jihads and become eunuchs to watch over the Arab Muslims harems. That is why no raisin heads are in Arabia today. More African slaves were sent to Arabia via the Eastern Slave Trade than the Atlantic Slave Trade. Arabs still sell Africans as slaves today. African Muslims are called Takrunis in Arabia. These African Muslims came to Arabia seeking a better way of life and are denied schooling and health care as illegal residents. Egypt just killed many Africans because they were illegals.

Arabs want to legalize slavery as they say anyone who says slavery was not Islamic were infdels. NOW WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ALL OF THE AMERICAN BLACK CONVERTS AND ALL CONVERTS AS ONLY ARABS WERE THE BEST OF ALL CREATION. NEXT,

Islam and Dracula.



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